Load Shifting

As critics of solar and wind are quick to point out, peak production doesn’t line up perfectly with peak demand. One reason demand is higher in the afternoon than the morning is because it is hotter out and a lot of  AC is running. Whereas if the solar panels are placed facing true south to get the most sun, and produce the most power, they will increase power production until solar noon then start tapering off again. Some have proposed a number of methods including large industrial battery banks with inverters to shift the power to when it is needed. However there is a simpler solution, we have right now battery systems that would both shift the load and provide back up power for the owner when the power was out. However, as you may have guessed, in most cases the utilities are preventing these systems from being installed. The argument is that if more power is shifted than is produced, the utilities are just buying their own power back at a higher rate. Thing is, it’s worth more at that time. Rather than build and start up a whole new power plant just to fill the demand, the power is just placed in their lap. All that is needed is they share the wealth, hard to do, and compensate the system owner fairly for the extra revenue they are receiving, then we all can benefit.  More clean power is shifted to when we need it, without more overhead, maintenance cost, and most importantly, pollution.

While these systems are starting to be produced and gaining in popularity fast, in most cases the utilities are attempting to prevent or limit these systems from being installed. We will be working hard to make sure these systems are both encouraged and compensated fairly as they lower cost and pollution for all.   This is not complicated, the benefits are obvious, and it needs to happen NOW!