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Our mission is to promote the use of environmentally sustainable energy through, education, advocacy, and the support of candidates for public officeWe give a unified voice to community and industry to further the use of environmentally sustainable energies.




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Be noisy! Let your elected officials know the way you feel and vote. Even those that work for clean energy need your support. Lets back them up. It‘s the only way things will change


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How can we make a difference?

When it comes to successfully creating and managing solar energy, there are four major solutions necessary to reap large benefits for the environment.

Net meter

Net Metering

Net metering benefits everyone and must be universal. 

Large wads of cash, hundred dollar bills in rubberbands

Loan Program

Loan programs must be accessible to all home and business owners, enabling and incentivizing clean energy systems.

Load Shifting

We can use sensible and simple solutions to adjust energy usage at peak times. Solutions that save everyone money.

pollution from buildings

Carbon Tax

Reign in big business! Nothing will change until all the costs of fossil fuels is covered by fossil fuels.

There is power in community

Whether you are a Member, Energy Professional or Sponsor, you can change the future for clean energy while growing your business and forming new connections with other like-minded members. 


Whether you are a professional working toward change or someone concerned about the future and the direction we are headed, the EEA was formed to give you a voice and empower you to make a difference! You already do your part to save the planet. Now’s your chance to have even more impact. 

Energy Professionals

The EEA was founded by an energy pro just like you. We know what type of organization works for energy pros. You understand that clean energy is not just best for the environment, it’s good for the economy. Your membership allows you to be part of the solution to create a cleaner environment while growing your business.


Your membership in EEA helps create an impact on the laws that govern our industry. Now let us help you! By including a wide range of professionals as well as the general public, we give you a great opportunity for name recognition as well as a place to showcase your new products to your target audience.

We’re Running Out of Time

While we are making progress, there is still a lot of work to be done. Any progress in clean energy tends to be incremental and there is a constant danger of losing any gains due to policy and law changes. We need to make a bigger difference at a faster rate.

Here at the EEA, we believe every person is important and that it will take all of us to make the changes we so desperately need. Weve come a long way but there is a long way to go. Join us in supporting solutions that work.

Together we can bust the barriers to making green energy the mainstay of American power.

We are in a real battle, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. I have been involved for over 40 years now and most people don’t realize how hard and how long it took to get this far. Too much is at stake to go backwards, and it’s happening in far too many places. We shouldn’t have to fight our government to get the changes we need to survive. The fossil fuel industry along with the power companies have us in a death grip with almost unlimited money to protect the status quo. But there is one thing politicians love more than money…power, and real power comes from people. We have the technology today to make a real difference, and more is coming on line everyday. We all just need to come together so we can make our voices heard. We live in a world that is being destroyed by the way we produce energy at a time when it is unnecessary. To lend your voice and be a part of one of the most important movements of our time please take a minute and join now.

Mike Dalrymple

President EEA

With your help we can make it happen

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